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A.G. DRE'CO, INC. is a Woman Minority owned firm in commercial construction and renovation home based in Tuskegee, Alabama. A.G. Dre'Co, Inc. has gained tremendously diverse experience during the 14th year history of the company. Our projects ranged from small to large and being performed throughout the State of Alabama and Southeast. As a commercial contractor, A.G. Dre’Co, Inc. provides construction management for commercial construction projects. From development to total exterior and interior renovations, and historical restorations to educational projects, A.G. Dre’Co is building projects for the future. As the famous educator, Booker T. Washington, believed in training the hands as well as the mind, we pride ourselves in contributing to the education and training programs that we have developed for our company’s employees.

The Booker T. Washington Monument is a bronze statue designed by sculptor Charles Keck. The statue depicts Washington standing over a crouching black man, believed to have been a former slave, lifting the veil of ignorance from his face. The man is clasping an open book and sits on a plow and anvil. The open book represents Washington’s opening the road to education and the plan and anvil correspond to the instruments of agriculture and industry, which were early education principles of Washington’s. The life course of Booker T. Washington served to shed light of education on a race of people. The monument is considered the “Center of Campus” and was the site of the inauguration of Military pilot Training at Tuskegee Institute in 1941.