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A.G. Dre'Co, Inc. in association with support personnel performs contracts in:

Renovation and new industrial/non-residential buildings
Government and design build construction
Property development, road construction and site utilities
Mechanical and select demolition, and concrete work
Residential Builders and Construction Bonding, three million single job

A.G. Dre’Co, Inc. continuously trains and educate our employees for the changes in technology and advances in the construction industry.


A.G. DRE'CO, INC., VISION FOR THE FUTURE.... is to learn from the past, build on the present and prepare for the future.

A.G. DRE'CO, INC., by being competitive has moved in a direction to ensure their continued business viability. The evolution of this company has indicated a history of project completion. We have created a team of professionals in the construction building industry. A.G. DRE'CO, INC., plans to continue to update their skills; attract, train and motivate a workforce capable of competing in today's changing construction arena.

The goal of A.G. DRE'CO, INC. is continued growth and strength. This renewed growth will include projects that are located throughout the Southeast Region. We will market projects that will include Federal, State and private sector.

We are building the structures by which future generations will judge our era. Our skills and craftsmanship will stand as testimony for us all.